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This is one of my first tries at fiction, I have publised it elsewhere earlier but since I no longer use that blog, I don’t mind posting it again here. I’m not going into the details of whether is really is science-fiction or just plain fiction and will just go ahead and post it here. So here it is:


“You guys actually caught one of them?”
“Yes! It is at the Security Centre right now.”
“What? What does it look like? Does it talk? Does it eat? How big is it? Is it hideous? Its hideous isn’t it? Gigantic and slimy?”
“Wo! Wo! Cool it! Now don’t go telling stories to your friends to get some spot light on you, this information is not public yet.”

Tishka looked at his elder brother with amazement in his eyes. “You have actually managed to capture one of the invaders and you plan on keeping this a secret? This is what everybody wants to hear! This is what will bring morale back to our defeated armies!”

“We will go public with it when the time is right.” said Malekh.

“Time is right? This is the right time! The masses have lost their will to fight! This is a gigantic victory; we have actually managed to bring home a prisoner!”

“Yes I know Tishka, we all at the Security Centre know that, but…”
“But what?” Tishka urged him.
“Well there are…things to be taken care of”, said Milekh vaguely.
“C’mon, go public with it Malekh!”

“Go public with what? The fact that we have just managed to capture one of them? So what? The masses will ask for more, they will want information. They will want to know everything about the invaders. You know how it’s been, theories and speculations everyday. Not a day goes by without some lunatic proclaiming they have seen one of the aliens or they have had ‘visions’ or have been contacted by the aliens in their sleep!” exclaimed Malekh.

This was true. Self-proclaimed extra terrestrial experts were in the spotlight these days, they were the only breed that had actually gained something ever since the invasion had begun.

“Look..” began Malekh, but Tishka only gave him a disappointed look. He had hoped this would mean the turning of the tables for them.
“Look…” , Malekh tried again to explain. He hunched up and spoke in a lower tone, “we are, or we think we are developing some form of communication with this thing. We might actually get answers to the millions of questions everyone is asking”.

Tishka looked up. “What kind of communication?”
“Well its crude so far, but it could improve..”
“What have you learnt so far? And what does it really look like?” asked Tishka, his enthusiasm rising.
“Well they are not that big, for one thing” answered Malekh with a smile.

“And? Are they really smart? They must be. Where are they exactly coming from? Some planet far? How are they traveling?”

His elder bro smiled slightly, and began.

“As I said, its not that big but it has these weird tentacle-like things that it uses for practically everything. But there has to be some kind of brain or ‘think-organ’, but we think it lies somewhere else”
“Somewhere else? It doesn’t carry its brain with it?”
“Well, we don’t know, it may probably be in the sphere-like object that we think is its head. Our rays still have to pass through that part of its body to know whats inside. But it could be keeping it someplace else, someplace safer, because its body looks so fragile. But that’s still not proven yet.”
“And you know what? It is slimy sometimes! It secretes some kind of substance. We think it does that either as a response to external temperature changes or it could even act as a mood indicator.”
“But the best part is, we think we know where it’s coming from, we may actually know their home planet!”
Tishka knew what that meant. If they knew where the home planet was, they could actually launch an attack on the invaders. The invaders could become the invaded.
“We think they have plundered their planet and they are now searching for another habitable place.”
“So they come from a planet very much like our own? That narrows it down to only a few! So which one is it?” asked Tishka eagerly, thankful he had not skipped astronomy classes.
“Well, it might be MXC10441.”
“Which one is that? Is it the small dot you sometimes see in the southern hemisphere?
“Oh! Wow! So its MXC10441…thats their home planet..” said Tishka more to himself that his elder bro.
“Well of course, that’s the name we have given it, they themselves don’t call it that. We think they refer to their home as ‘earth’…”



  1. Good one 🙂
    Got me engrossed.

    Want to know more about Tishka & Malekh. What do we call their system???

    Why were we there to invade?
    Why do they think we were there to invade?

    Was this creature teleported or is he an astronaut?

    • haha! yeah that is so typically you, raunak! 🙂
      Follow these pages to find answers to those questions, but do so at your own risk, for no guarantee is given!

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